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MercRacing MRA1900 3.0TFSI Supercharger

MercRacing MRA1900 3.0TFSI Supercharger

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Jackal is proud to offer this beast of a supercharger for the Audi 3.0TFSI! (non-crec)
With unmatched efficiency, not only does this blower produce more power, but it does it with FAR more consistency. No more heat soaked 1320 after 1 pull!!
Kit includes-
  • TVS1900 Supercharger head unit provides a large increase in flow and power over the OEM supercharger.
  • Full CNC Manifold and intake.
  • Beautifully finished and anodized.
  • Uses OEM bypass and sensors
  • Supercharger throttle inlet size made to handle upgraded throttle body with no porting required.
  • Use of upgraded Map sensors is required and will be provided with the kit.


Kits are made to order, approx. 8-10 weeks

Jackal recommends an upgraded throttle body, and the G.A.S Titanium Omega Intake to supplement this blower.

Numbers made on the dyno (low reading, uncorrected)

93 - 421whp/396ftlbs

93 +WMI* - 457whp/451ftlbs

E40 - 489whp/458ftlbs

E40 + WMI* - 540whp/493ftlbs

* VP Speed Sauce Plus (80/20 Ethanol mix)

Jackal Motorsports offers 93-E40 and WMI options for tuning. Current numbers/dyno information is in the attached images for this product. All tuning was done on a fully stock motor, no cams, rods, or pistons.  - Tuning is still on going and will be updated as we progress!

MPI tuning will be coming shortly as well to really unleash the full potential.

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