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GAS 89mm Titanium Intake B8/B8.5 S4/S5 3.0T

GAS 89mm Titanium Intake B8/B8.5 S4/S5 3.0T

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Another amazing Garage Auto Sports Product!

Our flagship product, the GAS 89mm/3.5" titanium intake has been a staple in our performance catalog for years. As the first 3.5" intake option available in 2017 for the Audi 3.0T in a sea of 3.0" intakes, we continue our commitment to pushing development and quality, revising the design over the years and only offering the highest grade materials and craftsmanship.

Most aluminum and silicone intakes on the market, while doing a fine job at moving air, can be a bit basic. Originally designed to fit a stock airbox or open configuration, our intake was created to offer options: stock airbox, open filter, stock throttle, 82mm, the possibilities are endless. Add the functional beauty of CP1 titanium and you've got something truly unique!

This is not your typical budget intake for the 3.0T.


Titanium... why?

When developing the world's first 3.5" intake for the EA837 3.0T, we knew we had some choices in front of us. The decision to go with CP1 titanium was not one we took lightly. Titanium is not a cheap material to work with, but ignoring the benefits of this aerospace material was not something we could overlook.

Titanium is what we like to call "functionally beautiful". Aside from being one of the most lightweight metals available, titanium has a very low heat transfer rate (16 W/m-K) compared to aluminum (152 W/m K), which means it is highly resistant to heat transfer from the engine bay. Intake temperatures play a key role in power production on the EA837 supercharged engine. While other manufacturers sidestep this issue by powder coating or heat shielding their intake tubes, we opted to go straight to the source by choosing a material that will naturally keep intake temps down.

In addition to its excellent thermal properties, titanium has a much higher strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that much thinner tubing can be used in our intakes. This means larger internal diameters when compared to aluminum with the same outer diameter. Our 3.5" titanium intake, as a result, boasts a 5% increase in intake area when compared to a 3.5" aluminum intake. A higher strength-to-weight ratio also means lighter parts. The increased rigidity also means that sound control is minimal. Your supercharger whine is finally given the glory it deserves!

Titanium Grade 4, also known as titanium CP1, is the strongest of all commercially pure titanium grades. It combines excellent corrosion resistance with good strength and toughness. This means that your intake will continue to look beautiful well past your engine's expiration date. The lack of paint or powder coating also ensures that the finish will hold up for the long run! Occasional cleaning is all that's required.

Last, but certainly not least, titanium is just plain gorgeous to look at. If you're looking for something to make your engine bay stand out in a crowd or at your local car show, you will not find a nicer piece. When aluminum just won't do, this is the intake for you.



  • Extremely lightweight
  • Modular; fits stock/75mm/82mm throttle bodies with a simple coupler change
  • True 3.5" diameter from start to finish
  • Pie cut from 100% CP1 grade titanium, hand TIG welded, and back-purged for longevity
  • Tested and logged to show zero restriction at over 660BHP on our ported charger/dual pulley setup and GAS Stage 3 E60 software


  • Titanium intake tube
  • Coupler to suit the selected throttle body
  • All required hardware
  • High-quality 3.5" cone filter from K&N
  • SAI filter & mounting bracket
  • Heat shield/air guide
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