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Jackal Motorsports

B8 RS5 Tune

B8 RS5 Tune

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Jackal Tuning Cable

Experience the Pinnacle of B8 RS5 Tuning with Jackal Motorsports! 

No more settling for cookie-cutter options with unknown horsepower/torque gains and inconsistent acceleration times. At Jackal Motorsports, we're committed to providing real-world horsepower numbers with all our tuning. The gains/times you see with our tune is what you can expect on your car, consistently, assuming similar mods and mechanical health. At Jackal, you can expect safe, powerful performance with unmatched customer service.

Specialists in Audi V8 Engines, Including the RS5

We're not leaving the RS5 behind. Whether your car is stock or boasts upgrades like headers, flywheel, intakes, or forced induction, we have the perfect tune for you. The RS5 platform benefits significantly from our TCU expertise, years in the making. This includes optimizing shift points, shift speeds, torque limits, and numerous drivability enhancements. Our ECU/TCU tune combines the best of both worlds, delivering the ultimate tune for your RS5. If you're boosted, we offer custom tuning to meet your unique needs.

Proven Performance

Our customers are clocking the third-fastest times on dragy with just drop-in filters on 91 octane. This applies to 0-60, 1/8th mile, and 1/4 mile runs, outpacing cars with tons more money in mods, including intakes, headers, and flywheels with different tuners.

Adaptive Tuning for Your Mods

Our tune is adaptable to your car's modifications, whether you have drop-in filters or extensive upgrades like headers and a flywheel.

Seems flashing with our Jackal Motorsports Tuning cable 

Unlike our competitors, when you purchase a tune/cable from us, you can switch between any staged tune, request a custom tweak, or return to stock at any time for FREE. Jackal Motorsports doesn't charge for updates or returning to stock. Our tune prices also INCLUDE TCU tuning, offering a complete package.

2 Step is also now Available 

We cater to octane ratings, so you can choose the right tune for 91 or 93 octane. E30 maps will be available soon.

TCU Tune Includes:

  •  Smoother Shifting/Driving: Elevating your driving experience.
  •  Lightning-Fast Upshifts: Faster acceleration.
  •  Faster Downshifts: Improved control on the road.
  •  Improved Launch: Achieve perfect take-offs.
  •  Faster Shifting in Manual Mode: Complete control at your fingertips.

Transformed Drivability 

Our tunes redefine your vehicle's performance, offering smooth, reliable power across the entire rev range. We don't just tune on the dyno; we invest an extensive amount of time fine-tuning every aspect of your vehicle's drivability. From city traffic to spirited cruising, daily driving, or track/drag racing, we've logged and adjusted it all for optimal performance, safety, and pure driving pleasure. That's why we proudly offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Already tuned but thinking about switching to Jackal?

At Jackal Motorsports, we're excited to offer a special switch-to-us discount that's all about making your car perform better, smoother, and faster than ever before. Are you ready to experience the upgrade and customer support that everyone is talking about? Please contact us for a discount code!

Performance You Can Feel

Switching to Jackal means unlocking a new level of performance that you can actually feel. Say goodbye to the limitations of your previous tune and get ready to experience:

  • Smoother Ride: Feel the difference with smoother acceleration and driving.
  • Faster Response: Experience quicker throttle response and acceleration.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We're so confident in the difference you'll feel that we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, we'll refund your purchase – no questions asked.

Our Promise

Jackal Motorsports is committed to delivering the best in automotive performance enhancements. We've helped thousands of drivers elevate their driving experience, and we're ready to do the same for you.

Switch with Confidence

Don't hesitate to make the switch to Jackal Motorsports. We've got your back, and your car's safety and performance is our top priority.

We're not just about dyno numbers; we're committed to transforming your vehicle's overall drivability. From daily commutes to spirited drives and even track days, our tunes are optimized for performance, safety, and enjoyment. 


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Jamar Johnson (Bedford, US)
Jackal Tune

Got here at a good time, ready to upload soon… overall 5 stars.