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Jackal Motorsports

Jackal Motorsports / Tweetler Performance Ported Intake Manifold

Jackal Motorsports / Tweetler Performance Ported Intake Manifold

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Intake Core Program
Custom Powder Coating
Spray Paint

Estimated ship date is about 1 week from purchase date for non-powder coated intakes and roughly 2-4 weeks from purchase date for customers that select powder coating.

PLEASE REMOVE ALL HOSES, THE FLAP ACTUATOR & SAI SENSOR, only pieces left on the intake should be the OEM throttle body (only send if you're purchasing the 90mm upgrade) and the throttle body neck (aka elbow)

Please note: Be aware that Core Deposits are valid for a period of 30 days following the receipt of your ported manifold.

We've teamed up with Jackal Motorsports to take over their ported intake manifold program. We have also come out with a larger throttle body option which adds some additional power on top!

Intake manifolds come custom ported, NEW TWEETLER DESIGNED FLAP UPGRADE , ported throttle body neck, heat tape and gaskets (intake and elbow). We offer custom powder-coating with almost 60 powders to choose from, provided by Prismatic Powders. If you don't wish to have your manifold coated, they will be cleaned and sent in the condition as they are received here at our facility.

"A ported intake manifold with the flap modified gives these motors an excellent boost in power throughout the entire rpm range an added larger throttle body gives an extra boost of power!

These intakes are required for Jackal Motorsports Stage 2 software, gains are roughly 60-70hp over stock*"

Ordering options will be as follows

  • Intake Core Program  YES means you pay a $500 core charge, which gets refunded upon return of a fully assembled, non-physically broken intake (must include Intake manifold, TB Elbow, Flap arm and actuator). NO means you are sending in an intake for modification, there is no core charge for this. If no is selected, please ship your intake manifold to – Tweetler Performance 40809 Brentwood Drive, Sterling Heights, MI 48310. You MUST include a print out of your order in the package! You have 60 Days to return your core. Outside of 60 days from your shipped order will result in forfeiting of your core fee. 


  • Custom powder coating/spray painting   means you will pick a powder color from the list of links below and then write a color in the NOTES section upon check out. Spray painting options is 3 colors (black, gun metal grey, silver). Selecting None means the intake will be cleaned and sent out as is for YOU to prep/paint.

* HP gains are on a well maintained car, with normal compression ranges

If you have already purchased a stage 1 tune from Jackal Motorsports and plan on purchasing an intake and/or throttle body kit that will require a stage 2 tune, please reach out to us directly.

Any questions that you may have can be answered through our social media platforms as well as our email and direct phone number - call or send a text! 

the powder coating options are listed below:

DESERT NITE BLACK | PWS-2859 | Prismatic Powders

DESERT RED WRINKLE | PWS-2762 | Prismatic Powders

DESERT WHITE WRINKLE | PWS-2763 | Prismatic Powders

HACIENDA RED WRINKLE | PWB-6450 | Prismatic Powders

CANARY YELLOW | PRB-6119 | Prismatic Powders

HOT YELLOW | PSS-1623 | Prismatic Powders

ELECTRIC YELLOW | PSS-2834 | Prismatic Powders

POLISHED ALUMINUM | HSS-2345 | Prismatic Powders

GALAXY GREY III | PMB-2862 | Prismatic Powders

WET CHARCOAL | PMB-6480 | Prismatic Powders

GATEWAY GREY | PMB-7073 | Prismatic Powders

EVO GREY | PMB-5969 | Prismatic Powders

SUPER ROOTBEER | PMB-6335 | Prismatic Powders

MISTY MIDNIGHT | PMB-4239 | Prismatic Powders

PORSCHE GREY | PMB-4183 | Prismatic Powders

PEARL BLACK | PMB-5347 | Prismatic Powders

PORSCHE SILVER | PMS-0439 | Prismatic Powders

As well as any powder off the illusion product line:

Illusion Powder Coat Colors & Finishes | Shop | Prismatic Powders


All Jackal Motorsports and Tweetler Performance products are sold for racing/off-road use only.

By purchasing this product you understand, and agree that this product is intended for racing/off-road vehicles only. As well as vehicles not registered for highway use, and that it is not legal for use on highway or street vehicles. The buyer takes all responsibility in following state and federal laws in this regard.

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